The Frank Jones Scholarship Fund was established in 1991 in honor of our late pastor, Rev. Frank Jones of The Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church. The first Chairman was Ms. Joyce Brown and the Vice Chairman was Mrs. Miranda Mack McKenzie. Some of the first members were: Ms. Willie Wilson, Ms. Cheryl Slater, Dea. Darryl Frazier, Eldred Taylor, M.D, Mrs. Janet Manning, Mr. Clifford Hepburn, Mrs. Carolyn Wilkinson, Dea. Art Brown, Mr. Linton Mack, Ms. Maxine Tanker, and Mrs. Sandra Lawton.

The purpose the Fund was to encourage all college age members of the church to further their education through a two (2) or four (4) year accredited institution of higher learning.  Ms. Brown served 1991-2004.

In 2005, the Scholarship committee was restructured and renamed The Frank Jones Memorial Scholarship Commission (Commission). Our Sr. Pastor, Dr. William E. Flippin Sr. was selected to serve as Chairman and Mrs. Miranda Mack McKenzie as Vice Chairman/Coordinator.  An endowment for the Scholarship Commission was established in 2006, to ensure that funding was available  for future scholarships.

In 2007, The William E. Flippin, Sr. Leadership Award was established to recognize one (1) student who has excelled academically and through leadership and service.

Former William E. Flippin, Sr. Leadership Award recipients are:

2007                Tiffany Mapp                      2008              Brandon Benson

2009                Adrian D. Evans                  2010             Alexandria Ayers

2011                 Derrick V. Butts                   2012             Amber Murrell

2013                Terrence D. McKenzie        2014             Ariel Aurora Beavers

2015                 Aliyah L. Howell                  2016             Deanna Nicole Morgan

2017                 Deanna Dumas                   2018             Jamie Wilson

2019                 Kayla Stephens                  2020             Rayah Simone Wilson

In November 2014, The Commission began the process to seek non-profit status so as to be able to offer scholarships to the community that is served by the Church.  On March 15, 2015, the Commission was approved as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit entity.  As a result of its new status, the Commission was on a mission to expand it scholarship offerings and was proud to announce the addition of six (6) new scholarships:

Olivia Watkins Bolling Family Foundation Scholarship

Ruby Lee Smith STEM Scholarship

Brenda F. Scott Achievement Award

Dr. Thaddeus Chapman Foundation Scholarship

Alex Ayers Student Athlete Scholarship

Herman L. Smith, III Scholarship for Emerging Leaders

We are eternally grateful to God for our new additions and as we move for will continue to seek more donors to help educate our children at the church and the surrounding community.